Water and B Complex  

This method works effectively only for people who do not smoke marijuana regularly. A few days before the urine test is to be conducted, you should start washing out the THC in your system with water and Vitamin B12. When you increase the amount of fluid you take in, your urine flow increases and this will reduce the THC in your system.  

To try this method you can start by drinking a lot of water at least between one or two hours to the time you will take the test and then take three aspirins to reduce the chances of detection during the EMIT tests.  

Another thing to note is that you have to urinate in the morning to eliminate the metabolites in your system because the drug metabolites increase when we sleep. In as much as you are drinking a lot of water to flush out the system, it might appear that your urine will begin to look clear and watery.  

To avoid suspicion, take between 50 to 100 milligrams of B-complex vitamins to avoid your urine color being watery.

Using Diuretics   

This is another method to clear off the THC in the system. What diuretics do basically is to ensure that you urinate frequently. Diuretics do not detox system but instead flushes out the bladder to reduce the presence of THC in your system. You can get various homemade remedy online aside from getting diuretics in your local supermarket.

Mouthwash for Saliva Tests  

If you are required to take a saliva test, you can use this method especially if you haven’t smoked for at least a week. You can use a good detox mouthwash which will give you clean saliva for at least 45 minutes. Which is enough time to pass the drug test?  

You can purchase a home testing kit to help you detox your system and pass your drug test easily. If you do not use drugs regularly, you can easily flush the THC in your system with water and Vitamin B2 to help you pass your drug test. There are many available kits online that provide effective ways on how to pass a drug test. It is important to buy a good product for good results.   




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