Hair Tests

A recent development in drug testing is the use of a small hair sample, which is chemically analyzed for the presence of the drugs being tested for. Generally, about 1.5 inches of hair is required for an accurate test. Unfortunately, shaving your head won’t avoid the test, as anybody hair of the minimum length can be used for the test, whether from your beard, arms, or chest.

Hair drug tests remain somewhat controversial, and the Food and Drug Administration and other scientific experts have questioned the accuracy of hair testing for the presence of drug residues. For one thing, some drugs are more easily detected with a hair sample test than others. Cocaine is reported to be easier to detect from a hair test than marijuana, for example. You will need to buy the best hair follicle test shampoo for drug tests. Ethnic differences may factor into the accuracy of the test, with darker, coarser hair providing more accurate results than finer, lighter colored hair. Some studies have shown that certain shampoos may impact the results of the test, although none have indicated that a drug user is able to “wash out” the presence of the drug metabolites in the hair, as it comes from within the body rather than entering the hair externally.

Cramming to Pass – Extreme Measures

A lot of people are determined to pass a critical drug test, and many have been known to take some extreme measures in their efforts to get a clear result. Some have tried subtle steps like adding something to the urine sample (everything from a few drops of Visine, bleach, salt, too many other chemicals have been tried) to void the test and avoid detection. Mostly these tactics cause a delay in the test, which may be the time that the person needed when making the desperate effort to add an adulterant to the sample. Others have taken more drastic steps, including buying a bag of urine from a friend (or stranger) or even buying laboratory-made “urine alternative” that can mimic the real thing enough to pass the test with clean results. Many people using such devices, though, have been caught up in webs of deceit that lead to more serious trouble than they had when they began.

Many have made a bad situation worse with questionable judgment or unwise reliance on bad advice or a half-baked plan. Still, enough people are motivated enough to pay $20, $80, even hundreds of dollars to get the best system cleanse on the market or to buy some high-quality fake pee online, complete with a sneaky belt that makes it easy to deliver into the cup, even if supervised (although plenty of people have been tripped up and had their best plans foiled by something as subtle as the correct temperature of urine when it exits the body, which is usually 91-97 degrees Fahrenheit), and enough people are desperate enough to try almost anything to pass a drug test, that thriving markets exist to research, develop, and market, online and in retail smoke shops throughout the country, an incredible array of means and methods to try to get a clean result no matter what.

Know Your Rights

Knowledge is power, and nowhere is this truism truer than in the changing world of drug laws in the US. Consult with groups like NORML or the ACLU who have been arguing for and working for decades to protect the rights of citizens to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures (as protected by the fourth amendment of the US Constitution). When you know what you are allowed, and you know what your employer or the court or the police officer is allowed, you are able to make informed decisions as to how you will protect your rights. When you learn some of the science behind drug testing and the traces that drugs leave in your body, you are more prepared to make wise decisions when faced with a request that you take a drug test.


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